Empower Women to Play, Win and Rise

Support UM female student-athletes to create winners and future leaders

Sports are more than just a game. For thousands of young women, the game means everything. The game teaches strength ... it teaches discipline ... it builds confidence ... and it paves the way for success well beyond the final buzzer. The game transforms lives, empowering women to play, win and overcome whatever challenges they face.

That is why getting women in the game is a major step toward strengthening our sports teams and society. Playing sports increases confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. Women who play sports have a more positive self-image—allowing them to rise in their games, careers, and communities.

At the University of Miami, we help develop women student-athletes into leaders in competition and in life, believing that providing athletic and leadership opportunities will empower women to achieve excellence well beyond their time at UM.

Together, let’s create more opportunities for women to play, earn, give back, and contribute to our scoreboards and our communities. Your gift to the Miami Women’s Athletics Campaign will go directly toward scholarship support, leadership development, and career coaching for our talented young women. Learn how you can become involved today to show our Hurricane female student-athletes that you’re on their team.